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King Kong Escapes (1968)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

King Kong Escapes (1968) Toho made a giant monkey rampage here folks, complete with a robot version of Kong called Mechanikong! In the U.S. release, the villain be dubbed the notorious Dr. Who, spouting more menacing threats and bullshit than the real Dr. Who ever did. Basically the story here revolves around getting some crazy new atomic element from the depths of its frozen home. Mechanikong short-circuits around the stuff, so the evil Who decides to steal the real Kong and use him to dig it from the icy grave. As in all things Kong, the giant ape is visited by a research team and falls for the token chick. Eventually, everybody ends up on the same boat and Kong gets brought in to do the job. It all goes afoul when the monkey gets off the back and breaks free to help his new girlfriend. Kong breaks free, the robot gorilla is let loose to fight and the shit all hits the fan. They do have a cool battle as Mechanikong seems armed to the teeth with bombs and a two big, bright spotlight eyes. Poor regular Kong armed with only B.O. and fleas appears overmatched, but ends up living by film's end when the plug gets pulled on his robot buddy by a traitorous female of Dr. Who. Mechanikong falls to his demise from atop a huge steel tower that the two apes have chosen to battle on like a jungle gym. Kong realizing he cannot actually fit into a small human woman decides to swim back to Mongo Island, his home in this movie. So ends the excitement, silly yes, but what fun you'll have with this one. Kong beats up on a rather goofy looking dinosaur monster early on as well. You have to love Toho studios for the stuff they have put out over the years.
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