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King of the Lost World (2005)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

King of the Lost World (2005) Let me first say that I wanted to see this because 1) I was curious and 2) I got this rental for free (though I still feel as if I didn't get my money's worth).Anyways, just in time to cash in on Peter Jackson's KING KONG comes KING OF THE LOST WORLD, the latest pathetic excursion from The Asylum (who really seem to hate both the sci-fi and horror genres). The movie starts off with stock footage of some big island as the credits roll by (the whole movie was shot in California & Arizona), then an obviously computer generated image as a commercial airliner crashes. It seems as if everyone survives in this section of the plane-and they embark to figure out where they are. The place is, at first, vaguely similar to the series LOST, with them searching for other survivors from the plane, and then Irwin Allen's 1960's production of THE LOST WORLD, where they confront a giant spider web and giant spider, not to mention the carnivorous plant. The giant ape, which goes unexplained, appears in the first few minutes-and at first I thought it was a guy in a cheap gorilla suit. It actually turns out this gorilla is all computer generated, which surprised me. So in that regard the ape effects succeed, if only to look like a cheap makeup effect. The survivors also come across all these old crashed planes, which gives an excuse for the filmmakers to use an aircraft graveyard for the majority of these scenes, complete with fake plastic plants hanging in the doorways.Also, the other monsters on the island are these dragon-looking flying creatures, which prey on the island inhabitants. There is a fight between these things and the ape, though it happens too quick for interest. Oh, and Bruce Boxleitner and Steve Railsback appear for five minutes (I guess they were the budget).All in all, THE MIGHTY GORGA and the Korean shot APE! Are much much much much more entertaining. I would recommend KONG: KING OF ATLANTIS over this heap.Those producers responsible are David Michael Latt, David Rimawi and Sherri Strain. Shame on you for not giving a f*ck about your audience.
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