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Land of the Lost: Tasha & Something's Watching (1994)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Land of the Lost: Tasha & Something's Watching (1994) These are the first two episodes of the newer LAND OF THE LOST series produced by Sid & Marty Kroft. It takes some of the elements from the 70's series and transplants a different family there, the Porters, which consists of a father (Timothy Bottoms) and his son Kevin and daughter, Annie. There is no Marshall, Will and Holly and these characters are very different. The show's intro explains how they came to this lost land/universe, when the ground opened up and swallowed their SUV, which appears driving out through the side of a cliff in this Lost Land. They build a tree house, which protects them from the Tyrannosaurus they've named Scarface.

In TASHA, Kevin and Annie find a large dinosaur egg, which they take back home. It hatches and out comes a small hadrosaur they name Tasha, who becomes a pet/companion. In the first series, the pet brontosaurus "Dopey" was stop-motion-animated. Tasha is a small person in a suit--and she looks like one of the dinosaurs from the TV series DINOSAURS. In the second episode, SOMEONE'S OUT THERE, the Porter family is introduced to the ape-man (the same kind of caveman Chaka was in the original) Stink and his friend Christa, a young human woman who has been trapped in The Land of the Lost since she was a child. Marshall Porter gets bitten by a poison lizard and it's up to Christa and Kevin to find the cure.

There are aspects of this series I like, such as the combination of stop-motion and puppet effects for the dinosaurs, the "look" of the LAND OF THE LOST, which is much more drier than the tropical one from the 70's (I suspect from being shot outside in California) and how these are all different characters.

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