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Last House In The Woods, The (2008)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Last House In The Woods, The (2008) This is an Italian movie that has the feel of an Eddie Romero BLOOD ISLAND movie, which probably has to do with how it was shot. There's lots of zooms and erratic camera movement in the violent scenes.

There's three different stories going on. The first involves a couple and their young son who get in a car crash in the woods. The husband is immediately killed and the wife and son get out and start walking for help. When a car comes by the woman steps out, to hail it down, and it runs her over. The driver gets out and then smashes her head in with a rock. The kids flees, pursued by this mysterious man....

Then there's the story of a young woman and a guy who desperately wants to be her boyfriend. They had just broken up and he convinces her to get into his car so they can talk. They drive out to that same woods and end up having sex in their car. Unfortunately a trio of hoodlums comes along. They beat the crap out of the guy and try to rape the girl. That is, until another car comes by with a good samaritan and chases them off when he pulls out his gun.

The good samaritan takes her and her boyfriend back to his secluded house in the woods, where she is introduced to his weird wife. Things get stranger and it turns out this is the same guy who brained the woman at the beginning of the movie. There is something terribly wrong with his malformed son--and he needs to acquire fresh food for

his progeny. This food is human flesh. There are also two inbred-looking thugs who live with them and these guys are disturbing.

THE LAST HOUSE IN THE WOODS is suitably unpleasant, with quirky performances and gratuitous gore.

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