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Left in Darkness (2006)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Left in Darkness (2006) Celia (Monica Keena of FREDDY VS. JASON) has always felt guilty that her mother died during childbirth and this has haunted. Not only that, she's also been followed by a "guardian angel" most of her life, something she doesn't find out about until she dies and finds herself in this sort of limbo.

Soon after she's invited to a college Frat party she's drugged by one of the members and is raped. They also gave her too much of the drug and it kills her. She finds out that she's dead when she sees her body laying in the shower. A man named Donovan (David Anders, aka Sark on ALIAS) soon appears and reveals that he's the spirit she saw when she was a child, a spirit that had pulled her out of the path of a speeding car and saved her life. She thought he was just an imaginary friend but he's real.

At first he seems to be an ally, and warns her of the Soul Eaters, these zombie-like creatures that want to feed on her. He warns her that she has to stay in the light and he's the only one who can help her. In truth, his reasons for helping her are much more diabolical.

The movie is well-acted, has an unpredictable plot and has its creepy moments with the zombie-creatures. It's also good to see Tim Thomerson (TRANCERS) in something other than a Charles Band movie.

Produced by Stephen J. Cannell

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