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Malabimba (1979)
Movie Review by The Mortician

Malabimba (1979) (aka THE MALICIOUS WHORE) On my never-ending quest for cool new supernatural /possession horror movies, I came across this Andrea (BURIAL GROUND) Bianchi directed entry that was part of that seventies "race to cash in on THE EXORCIST" fad. This flick is also part of the infamous Italian horror wave that persevered back in the day and it's not bad if you're looking for voyeuristic titillation. The plot is kind of a weak mish-mash of THE EXORCIST and THE ENTITY (which came a bit later) and it works in a very sleazy way. The movie opens in a castle with a self absorbed, soap-opera-ish family doing a little sťance over dinner, where the spirit of the castle owner's dead wife is summoned. Said spirit shrills into the place, breaking pictures and blowing out candles and somehow settles inside the teenage daughter of the castle owner, Malabimba, played by dainty little tart Katell Laennec (and sadly, this is the only movie she starred in). The entity is actually Malabimba's deceased mother, who also happened to be somewhat of a conniving nymphomaniac "whore", so the slim plot that follows is all sexual in nature (not that I'm complaining). The horror aspect of the story obviously comes from the invading entity and the immoral sexual activity that it watches and eventually, participates in. Our "teen" heroine strips naked at a party daddy is throwing (in a scene that echoes Linda Blair crashing mom's party in THE EXORCIST) and offends the guests. Malabimba then gets more and more sexually charged, walking around the castle property in see-through lingerie, taunting us with nipples tall enough to poke your eyeballs out while spying on the DYNASTY-ish sex antics of her father and other family members in the castle. These steamy "peeping Jane" scenes work quite well, and Malabimba begins to get down and dirty with all her stuffed animals, stabbing them to death after she climaxes! (Talk about the guilty Catholic complex! Poor Teddy the Bear!) The camera ogles Malabimba's body lovingly during her moments of self-discovery, and these scenes seem to channel a lot of Jess Franco with the wild zooms and close-ups of Laennec's curvaceous bod. Laennec, passionately playing Malabimba and channeling her feminine wiles directly into the camera, really knows how to work and tease the audience in her erotic scenes. Nothing is left to the imagination, and in some cuts of this movie, there are even hardcore scenes added into the mix! Malabimba then decides to strip down naked and tease a rich bed-ridden uncle, and in the movie's most graphic and memorable sequence, gives him the ol' Linda Lovelace treatment before he dies of a heart attack! Even after this incident, the sleazy family dramas and sex continues on unabated until Malabimba attempts to seduce dad. He seems only slightly alarmed about this (after going to second base with his daughter!), so he puts the family nun on his daughter's case in hopes that she will have a positive influence. Sister Sophia, played by the luscious and intriguing Mariangela Giordano (in her 40's to boot!) seems to slowly let all her repressions go when Malabimba takes her "spying" on all the family pervs one evening. Slowly, she lets her guard down and it's not long before Malabimba and Sister Sophia are snacking on each other with erotic relish! Eventually, Sister Sophia realizes that Malabimba is possessed by her deranged mommy and SPOILER HERE decides to do the ol' EXORCIST thing with taking the spirit of the entity into her body and then killing herself to end the madness, but hey...it is an EXORCIST ripoff, right? Obviously, you can't take this movie seriously at all, but if you're looking for lusty Italian ladies strutting their nekkid stuff across the screen and getting down to business in a creepy castle with supernatural overtones (and you favor movies made by Jess Franco and Joe D'Amato), well, you'll probably dig this flick. Not for those easily offended or hung up on sexual situations, MALABIMBA definitely puts the TRASH directly back into the EURO, where it should be!

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