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Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
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Mansquito (2005)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Mansquito (2005) Tibor Takacs (THE GATE & I, MADMAN), after taking on rodents in RATS (2003) now deals with the bloodsucking insects. A death-row convict volunteers to be experimented on and escapes the police at the laboratory. He takes a woman hostage and ends up killing her. He and a woman scientist are caught in one of the experimental rooms when there's an explosion. He's exposed to this mutative substance, which is imbedded in parts of his body. She's also exposed, but to a far lesser degree.The criminal escapes and goes to his girlfriends, where he finishes transforming into the Mansquito. He then attacks her and drains her blood. The makeup effects are decent, sort of like THE FLY, and it's a cool-looking monster. Fortunately the filmmakers opted to stay primarily with the animatronics, until 2/3rd ways through the movie when the mosquito-man grows wings and flies about. About that point I hit the fast-forward button on my vcr.Corin Nemec portrays the investigating officer, who, by coincide, is dating that woman scientist. The MANSQUITO seems to be drawn to her because she has the mosquito DNA in her-and mating is the only thing besides feeding that he wants to do. There are the usual explosions at the end, the monster isn't quite killed-and the woman scientist, half-transformed by this time, sacrifices herself in order to kill the creature. The movie ends up with the detective and his voice-over saying that 'he lost everything he ever cared about'-and he walks off into the distance. Lame.
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