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Masters Of Horror: Incident On & Off A Mountain Road (2005)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Masters Of Horror: Incident On & Off A Mountain Road (2005) Honestly, I was expecting a LOT more from Don Coscarelli's contribution to "Masters of Horror". I found this one entertaining at times, but it just came across as a silly, jumbled mess...

"Incident On and Off a Mountain Road" starts with a woman driving down... GUESS! She gets in an auto-collision with another car sitting in the road. No one appears to be around, at first, and upon following a peculiar blood smear across the pavement, she spots a shadowy figure approaching. Turns out to be one big, ugly mother fucker dragging a wounded girl. There's the obligatory chase through the woods where the seemingly helpless female protagonist showcases some proficient survival skills (pit of spikes, bent branches, etc.)... She's eventually snatched up by the hulking madman and brought to his shack that houses a large collection of eye-less corpses strung up with barb-wire.

There's these scenes randomly inserted throughout all of this, showing the progression of her relationship with an extreme outdoorsman. The only purpose for this side story is so we could be treated to one hell of a lame "twist" ending that completely brought down an already mediocre movie.

As far as the good points - Angus Scrimm pops up as the goofy old man named Buddy, inexplicably living in the killer's basement. There's also a few off-screen eyeball drilling and a nasty scene showing a dead body being nailed to a wooden post. The whole eyeball removing reminded me too much of "Jeeper Creepers" and the romantic soundtrack also pissed me off. Plus, couldn't we have gotten a little insight into the killer's background?

"Phantasm" being one of my favorite films of all time, I was very interested in seeing something new from Coscarelli that was non- "Bubba Ho-tep" related (hated that shit)... "Incident" is mildly entertaining here n' there, but was just too jumbled with implausible shit and a piss poor ending...

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