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Murder Machine (2010)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Murder Machine (2010) This independent slasher movie begins with a scene in New York City, in which a prostitute is led off into some buildings and killed by a shaven-headed guy in a suit. He stabs her to death and leaves her corpse on the street. The title sequence then shows him, car stalled, out in the country. He gets out and then comes across a farmhouse, where he systematically slays the entire family, beginning with the husband. But the little girl manages to call the police and they surround the place but not before he slits her throat. They take the serial killer into custody and that's where the real story begins.

All of this is covered by the local news--and for once in a low-budget feature this actually looks like real news footage with a real reporter, not someone's overweight sister who has never acted before. Anyways, he's taken into the police station and a few of the police lock him in a room with three other convicts, naively believing they'll punish him. Instead, he slaughters them all. The sheriff in charge turns out to be a former Hollywood actor who starred in a horror movie as "Murder Machine", drawing his experience dealing with killers for his method acting. He had retired but his former agent, this blowhard, comes to his office and tries to get him to act again. He explains that he can't because he felt he was typecast and that the cost was too high (his wife left him, et cetera). Soon, two FBI agents show up to take the serial killer away, only they are quickly killed and the guy escapes. He then kills that agent and eventually captures the Sheriff's daughter, murdering many of her teenaged friends along the way. It's a final confrontation between the two, with the daughter's life at stake. It's here that it becomes very clear the killer is more than human, after they shoot him numerous times and leave a gaping whole in the middle of his torso. The ending, though, is the kicker. I wasn't expecting that. Sure, I thought the killer would pop back up at the end but not for what happens afterwards.

For the most part the special effects are great, particularly when a woman's hand is sawed off (unlike the rubber eyeball). If I were to compare this movie to another it would be THE DARK HALF, only with an actor instead of a writer. And sure, not of the actors will be winning any awards here BUT if you're looking for a good, relentless, no-holds-barred slasher movie this is it.

directed by Ritch Yarber


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