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Murder Set Pieces (2004)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Murder Set Pieces (2004) As much as I disapprove of the douchey ways in which Nick Palumbo talks about and markets his movies, "Murder-Set-Pieces" is a decent bit of sleaze that knows nothing more than what it wants to be. Any semblance of story, background, character development, and sense of morality is used minimally for the sake of Palumbo's tenacity as some kind of "artist" or just discarded altogether. Doesn't matter, because this shit is pretty much wall-to-wall sluts, gore, and gory sluts! Ripe, naked ass being viciously raped and slaughtered for no apparent reason... Well, other than the dude having mommy issues, which goes without saying if you ask me...

What we have here is a stone-faced, German, neo-nazi body builder/serial killer abducting and carving up strippers in a Las Vegas setting. He carries around a camera cause chicks will trust ANY guy with a camera. Yes, gentlemen, if you are holding a fancy camera you immediately become charming and chicks will take their clothes off for you. Are you taking notes? Anyway, his basement is a gruesome museum of barbarity and blood spattered walls. Literally EVERYTHING is streaked in blood...

"Murder-Set-Pieces" isn't the most "disturbing" or "graphic" movie by FAR, as opposed to Nick Palumbo's own rave reviews and his friends who he got to hype this thing online a few years back. It's still a nice looking, trashy, and entertaining flick with a few harsh moments including a nice bathtub throat slashing, some chainsaw-on-skull action, necrophilia, and even child killing - all brought to you by Toe Tag Picture's effects department. Fred Vogel does a cameo, as well as Gunnar Hansen, Tony Todd, and Edwin Neal. Don't expect a life-changing experience, but enjoy "Murder-Set-Pieces" for what it has to offer.

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