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Mutant X: Season One (2001)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Mutant X: Season One (2001) A girl named Emma (Lauren Lee Smith of TRICK 'r TREAT) is being pursued by some thugs and before they are able to grab her she is rescued by a group of people who exhibit extra-normal abilities. One can change his body's density, so he can become like rock, and a blonde woman is strong and vicious like a cat. This is Jesse and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) While they are beating up the bad guys their leader steps out. This is Adam (John Shea of LOIS & CLARK). He offers Emma sanctuary and takes her back to their hideout on an island, which they get to in this futuristic looking jet. Once there, he explains that the source of all mutants is a company called Genomax, which had conducted experiments years ago. Back then he was their head geneticist. Now he's devoted his life to protect the mutants, as he believes they are the next step in mankind's evolution.

The bad guy is Mason Eckhart, who worked with Adam at Genomax and now runs the place, which is a part of the government. Its goal nowis to hunt down and either kill the mutants or put them in these stasis chambers. Mason blames Adam for the collapse of his immune system and must now wear plastic skin. In fact, with the white hair he looks just like Andy Warhol. That alone would give him cause for revenge! In just about each episode Mason hires a mutant traitor to track down the other mutants--and they end up getting killed or irritate Eckhart so bad he puts them in stasis. So each new story has a different bad mutant.

The first half of the season centers around the two new members, Emma and Brennan. She is an empath and he can generate electricity and hurl it like lightning. We also learn more about Jesse when we meet his father (Art Hindle of CLONEMASTER, OFFSPRING) and Adam, when we meet a former flame. She has a daughter who may be his. There's the obligatory "double" episode, when Emma is split into a good and bad version of herself. At the end of the season Eckhart is literally put on ice by a group of evil mutants who take over the facility, hopefully alluding that Season Two will be better.

This isn't a bad series, just a bit cheap looking since most of the events take place it five locations--their hideout, the bad guy's building, a warehouse, an alley or a parking structure. I suspect this syndicated television series began as an adaptation of the Marvel Comics MUTANT X or NEW MUTANTS, since creator Ari Avad has been producer on so many of the Marvel comic to film adaptations. That aside, MUTANT X is definitely its own thing.

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