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Neanderthal Man, The (1953)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Neanderthal Man, The (1953) In this low-budget horror flick we're introduced to a doctor who has a daughter that looks almost his same age. You know right away he's going to do something bad because he has those crazy "Mad Doctor" eyes. He's upset because he hears a crash and goes to his lab to see that something broke out through the window.

Then, we cut to a hunter in the mountains who hears a roar and soon thereafter spots a saber-toothed tiger through his binoculars. Only it's stock footage of a real tiger and it doesn't have tusks. It runs off and leaps onto the room of another guy's car. For a brief flash we see the creature with its mouth open, showing the huge tusks, only it looks like the stuffed animal it is. And the scientists later say that these cats have been extinct for a million years (really, only 12,000-10,000). Later, we find out that he injected his de-evolution serum into a regular house cat, which transformed into this five hundred pound tiger.

The doctor is also in a bad mood because his peers don't believe his theories that Neanderthal man was as intelligent as modern man. So he injects himself with the reversal serum and transforms into a very ape-like creature. He opens the window to his lab and goes out into the woods where he kills a hunger and his dog. When he's finished he returns to the lab and closes the window behind him. Well, if nothing else, he's proved that Neanderthal man is smart enough to open and close a window. By the end of the movie his transformations get out of hand and he's eventually gunned down.

This is one of those movies you see as a kid that sticks with you, though the memories are far better than revisiting it on DVD. The similar MONSTER ON THE CAMPUS (1958) is much better.

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