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Necromaniac: Schizophreniac 2 (2003)
Movie Review by The Drug Stuffed Corpse

Necromaniac: Schizophreniac 2 (2003) Directed by Ron Atkins

Cut Throat Video

Only I can hear the voices in my head. But if everyone else could, it would sound like the maniacal rantings of the protagonist from both Schizophreniac and Necromaniac (S/N), Harry Russo. Russo, a brilliant wordsmith, conquers the English language with a barrage of profanities peppered with such illustrative words as: 'whore' (pronounced 'who-wahhh'), 'cunt', 'slut' and 'ass (pronounced 'ahhhhh-sssss'); or a combination of the preceding: 'I'm gonna get that who-wahhh, cut out her cunt and fuck that slut right in the ahhhhh-sssss.' Apart from sluts and who-wahhh's Harry elucidates his strong dislike for men and women, blacks and whites; no one is safe when Harry is cruising. He is a true misanthrope. However, Harry's paradox is that he hates people - but finds them necessary otherwise he could not feed his ravenous bloodlust; along with an obvious case of Tourette syndrome, this affable sociopath finds nothing sweeter in life than hunting humans. S/N are first person accounts of carnage as told by a ribald outcast who stabs, bludgeons, rapes and murders his way through countless victims; the only number calculably higher than the body count is the laughter quotient. The films are hilarious in their grim portrayal of an emotionless monster. The 'special' effects are sophomoric, but lead actor John Giancaspro's unbridled, kinetic energy and enormous charisma allows you to look beyond such peripherals; John alone is the reason for watching the two films. He has you believe that he IS that person on screen; that there really is someone out there in the real world who is that angry - that insane. The difference between a genius and a sociopath is akin to someone hearing voices in their head and someone obeying them. Harry Russo has slyly lifted the veil that thinly disguises the two and fucked that who-wahhh in her ahhhhh-sssss! I look forward to a second sequel...

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