Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
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Night of the Lepus (1972)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Night of the Lepus (1972) Other than in a Monty Python and the Holy Grail, this is the first time I ever saw a killer rabbit in a movie.In order to control the rabbit population out West, which is eating all of the grazing land for the ranchers, a scientist exposes some of the rabbits to an experimental drug that will supposedly keep them from breeding. What it does instead is increase their size so that there are these 150 pound rabbits roaming the countryside. And since they've eaten up all the vegetation they're now going after horses... and people.The miniature effects are convincing and the rabbits really do look that big-but everytime one of the rabbits is shown leaping on someone it's always a brown rabbit-probably the same rabbit suit used over and over again. Everyone is in a panic. When they find the rabbit warren in an abandoned mine shaft they blow it up... only most of them get away. In the end they electrocute them all.NIGHT OF THE LEPUS is a weird idea for a movie but the bottom line is that rabbits simply aren't frightening no matter how big they are.
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