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Octopus (2001)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Octopus (2001) I have to say that I have a soft spot for a film focusing on giant killer cephalopods. Then again, how many do we have? Let's see, we have Tentacles,Beast,It Came from Beneath the Sea, and... well, I guess that's it. Other than watching the discovery channel, you don't see many octopi or squid on screen or TV. So, in spite of the video game looking computer FX and the basic lack of any vicious attacks, I still enjoyed Octopus. It seems that during the Cuban missile crisis a Russian sub sank carrying a big load of nasty shit. Luckily, our friendly octopus got into the stuff and mutated into a huge beast waiting in the deep. Now in the present day, where the rest of the movie takes place, we have a fugitive international criminal being escorted to jail on a sub by some wanna be federal agent. This part of the story might sound kinda dumb in a creature flick but it does actually work for some strange reason. There's a hot chick on the sub too, but she doesn't quite get naked so why is she here? With all this super spy international intrigue going on, the sub finds itself soon being followed then attacked by you know who. Did I mention that are asshole criminal has broken free on board? Oh, and he has a team of his buddies hi-jack a cruise ship to await his signal for the escape. You see where all this crap is going, right? You get some tentacles carrying away the crew. Then, after the great escape from the sub, the cruise ship gets an ass whipping to. Like I said, it is a big octopus. A happy ending and all I can hope for now is a better sequel, even though this is worth a rental or wait for sci-fi channel to show it.
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