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Paranormal Entity (2009)
Movie Review by The Mortician

Paranormal Entity (2009) The POV Shaky-cam movie footage trend continues over a decade after BLAIR WITCH PROJECT helped usher the style in. Like rap music, this is honestly something I'd hoped would go away, but...looks like it's here to stay. A certain segment of today's audiences seem to really love this "found footage" home camcorder perspective as a narrative device, so honestly, it's here to stay. Maybe groups of teens love to get together, watch these things, and pretend they're real? Creeping each other out at slumber parties? I don't know, just guessing the appeal of this new sub-genre. I'd heartily recommend fans of this style seek out some early trailblazing efforts in found footage fiction like Jack Perez's AMERICA'S DEADLIEST HOME VIDEO, John Russo's MIDNIGHT 2, and Tim Ritter's DIRTY COP NO DONUT. These movies, along with the blockbuster BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, really ushered in the concept in a fresh new way, using unique concepts and ideas for the style. Sadly, most of TODAY'S "found footage" movies seem to be clones of the mega-successful PARANORMAL ACTIVITY movies, which are usually set in someone's house. A family member or two is always RECORDING everything on a video device, and suddenly doors start to open and close on their own, strange sounds are heard, footprints and handprints appear on the walls and floor...this kind of thing. PARANORMAL ENTITY is more of the same, dealing with a small family (mom and her son and daughter) trying to deal with the death of the father (or husband for the mom.) Anyway, mom tries to make contact with deceased hubby in the spirit world (through letter writing!) and ends up letting some sort of "demon" into the home that keeps raping hot daughter Samantha (played by hottie Erin Marie Hogan). They try to deal with "demon dad" by leaving the house but he follows Samantha wherever she goes. The end of the movie works up to at least a bunch of running around and screaming in the small house, some blood, and a very nice shot of Erin Marie Hogan naked. (You might have to use your PAUSE button to get the proper look at this!) Again, I have to point out...for me, Erin Marie Hogan, briefly NAKED. In a fast shot in the bathtub and at the end. That's what I remember about this movie. The rest of it seems like someone's raw home video footage, lots of dizzying shots of the floor, empty rooms, furniture, sneakers walking, and really, really, really bad actors having some of the most lame, improvised conversations ever recorded. But man, if this is your bag, and you and your friends can psyche yourselves up and convince each other that this patently false found footage movie is REAL...then this one might do something for you. For me, other than Erin Marie Hogan naked...it didn't offer much, although the guy playing her creepy brother "spying" on her with his video cam was pretty strange. If they would've played weird stuff up like that more, maybe they would've had something. But overall, this movie doesn't offer much but a lot of routine shaky shots of the inside of someone's home and...again, ERIN MARIE HOGAN naked! Your choice. Different strokes for different folks. And you know what I'll be stroking to...ERIN MARIE HOGAN...naked!

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