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Phantom Force (2004)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Phantom Force (2004) This is an amazingly non-involving movie from the Sci-Fi Channel, starring Richard Grieco as a government agent in charge of a group of specialists who investigate supernatural phenomenon. He has the special ability to see how someone has died, though he doesn't like it much. Grieco, who seems to really disdain being in these Sci-Fi movies, plods through the convoluted story.The first few minutes of the movie show the crew of an ancient ship carrying this strange looking stone. Then light comes out of it and demonic warriors appear to slay the survivors. The ship explodes and the stone sinks to the bottom of the ocean. We then skip to present day-and it's explained that this 'Hades Stone' has been recovered by a nuclear powered submarine. Only the sub in incommunicado and is firing its missiles on innocent ships. Grieco's crew is sent in on these mini-subs, which they drive like The Jetsons, and board the sub. Only the submarine is a ghost-and transparent. In order for them to board one of the other crewmembers, a crazy scientist type, turns them all into 'ecto-kinetic beings' with this special generator he has devised. As soon as he does this the vessel appears normal to them.As they explore they find no trace of the original crew. But one by one they are being killed off by an invisible enemy, presumably the demon warriors we saw at the beginning of the movie. But my big question is this-if the crew are now 'ecto-kinetic beings' why can't they see these demons since they are now existing in the same dimension?The whole submarine scenario is lame and utterly lacking any suspense. I think the only reason this submarine location was used is because it's a prop/set left over from DEEP SHOCK or some other Sci-Fi Original movie. Kind of like Roger Corman using and reusing the interior of an old ship in his movies. Anyway, the sub's reactor starts overheating and it looks like the Hades Stone is using its power to open up a portal from hell (which I think would do little good on a moving submarine thousands of feet underwater!).I fell asleep the two times I tried to watch this movie. A lousy movie but a great insomnia cure...
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