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Pig (2010)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Pig (2010) The only guise in which Adam Mason's "Pig" really excels is the technical creativity behind its rather self-indulgent experimental production. The film is set up as a single, continuous camera shot and that's really the only interesting thing about "Pig", sorry to say, and even that wears off around the half-way mark...

A backwoods cannibal killer and his annoying, retarded, pregnant twat girlfriend(?) enjoy a day of kidnapping, hunting, and murdering several bound victims.

That's basically all there is for "plot". Again, the IDEA behind the flick involving the 'guerilla' style of film making with the extremely lengthy hand held camera shots (with a few "hidden" cuts here and there) and the improvisational acting work from the small cast is all there really is to favorably speak of in terms of "Pig". Some have called it a 'throwback' to 70s-80s old school "shock" horror. I really didn't find anything even slightly disturbing or "shocking" about the violence in the film. Much of the carnage had to be off-screen due to the lack of edits. Both lead actors get intensely irritating as the film goes on - especially the woman - and the Tarantino music also got on my nerves.

So, to sum up "Pig" for anyone remotely interested in checking it out - I'd like to recommend it for the filming style, but I just drags on SO fucking long. Lovers of the sicker brands of cinema shouldn't bother as there are no real 'stand out' gore scenes. If you're curious, go ahead with "Pig", but don't shy from your "fast forward" button.

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