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Piranha 2: The Spawning (1982)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Piranha 2: The Spawning (1982) And spawn they did in the crazy sequel to the classic 1st film, two is almost as good as one if you check your reasoning at the door. The fish have now mutated and can fly if you believe that and have some how got into the ocean. A resort in the Caribbean now sits waiting for the mean little bastards to attack. How'd they get there? Well, some how the army lost a cannister of these experimental creatures whose DNA was crossed with a flying fish and some other shit to give them the ability to fly and survive on land. Luckily for that resort full of vacationers, it was lost right off shore. Tricia O'Neil plays a diving instructor trying figure out why divers are getting eaten. Her sorta-used-to-be husband Lance Heinricksen is the local cop also trying to figure out what's happening and keep their teenage son outta trouble. Some mysterious stranger shows up and romances the dive instructor, but we soon find out he know way too much about what's in the water and is there to stop it and save the government's ass. This all maters none, the reason for watching this thing is the crazy flying fish attacks. There's also a great Alienesque scene where a fish pops out of a dead body being investigated and bites some flesh. James Cameron directed this film and it has some great moments. You have to love that scene near film's end with all the resort idiots head to the water as the fish come flying in to maul 'em, great stuff! Of course no one believes the lady trying to save the resort's ass until it's way to late. P2 never has a dull moment and it's worth the view. I don't like it a much as Piranha, but damn it sure is fun!
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