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Plaguers (2009)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Plaguers (2009) The first few minutes shows a blonde woman being chased through a spaceship by some repulsive looking zombies/creatures. Then we go to eight hours earlier, where we learn that she's the captain and that they had picked up some strange, green, alien energy source and are taking it back to Earth. Then, they get a distress call from another spaceship. They rescue a group of women whose goal is to take over their spaceship. And that glowing green alien ball shoots out some gunk on one of the women, transforming her into a "Demons"-like monster, with claws and pointy teeth. More people get infected and start to change into pseudo-zombies and continue to transform until they start looking like siblings to THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN. Oh, and one of the ship's crew turns out to be an android, just like in the ALIEN movies...

On one hand it's quite a feat for such a low-budget production to construct all those sets, which look like that of an ALIEN movie. And the special makeup effects are decent, like out of a Roger Corman flick. However, the HD is far too crisp and clean when it needs to look gritty and the closeups of the sets look all too wooden. And plastic and styrofoamy. The worst thing, however, is the script and the acting....filled with unconvincing drama, stilted dialogue delivered by some amateurish actors. Yes, Steve Railsback (THE STUNTMAN) is in the movie but you know you're in trouble when all of the other actors make his performance seem like he's Laurence Oliver. The movie left such a bad taste in my mouth I think I'll call it PLAQUERS.

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