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Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
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Plankton (1999)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Plankton (1999) I'd wanted to see this flick for a long while now, I'm a sucker for killer fish and or ocean horror films. Plankton did not disappoint, it kicks ass. Sure, it's a bit silly in spots, but this is the kind of fun, old school type of fish film I love. Reminds me of both Piranha and Humanoids from the Deep without being a rip-off of either. It takes a while for the gross shit to hit the screen, but it's worth it. The sex scene with the guy turning into a sea monster while deflowering the supposed virgin will have you moaning with glee. I guess this was an Italian film due to the dub job and it was directed and produced by Al Passeri. Haven't seen many Italian horror movies I didn't like, Plankton keeps that string intact. This guy went on to make another cool ass movie I wanna see called Mummy Theme Park and after seeing Plankton I gotta have that one too! There's nothing intellectually challenging here, just lots of fun to kick back to. Five young people decide to head out on the ocean for a boat ride in a small rubber raft. Gilligan couldn't have done a worse job at picking this boat. Why they put such a small craft on the open ocean is beyond me and it's laughable really. A storm hits, they find and take shelter on an abandoned looking yacht, which is actually a research vessel. At first, it's all shits and giggles as the group has fun, barely wondering why there's so many strange looking fish being experimented on aboard the boat. Obviously, there's been some serious shit going down here and now the crew has gone, or been killed. They do find one professor hiding below deck who's all fucked up and half crazy. Not long after, they eat what turns out to be one of helluva a bad idea fish dinner and the fun really begins. The fish you see are far more than they appeared and eating that stuff was a huge mistake. It's sea monster and killer fish mayhem from then on until film's end. Plenty of gross FX, even though some look a little silly, it totally adds to the movie. You'll see a small amount of nudity, vomiting, fish-man sex, and the world's funniest alarm system before this sucker hits 'The End'. Damn I'm glad I finally found this movie in the bargain bin for $10. People talk shit about Media Blasters, but this DVD is great in looks, sounds, extras, and content. I think any fan of the deadly fish films from the past will love this one.
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