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Predators (2010)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Predators (2010) While I always thought the first PREDATOR movie was the best I did enjoy PREDATOR II and even the PREDATOR VS. ALIENS movies (the second one not so much). So when I heard that they were making a sequel that's a direct followup to the very first flick I was intrigued with the possibilities.

The premise is that a bunch of killers, whether they be tribal warriors, mercenaries, Japanese Yakuza or serial killers, find themselves parachuted to a tropical wilderness, which they soon find out is another planet. The main one is Royce (Adrian Brody) who quickly assumes the leadership position. The only female is Isabelle and there's also a doctor, Edwin, who seems out of place. All of the others, including Noland (Lawrence Fishburne), who had already been there for twenty years, are basically gory deaths waiting to happen. There are lots of chases, traps, and we even see the Predator's equivalent of hunting dogs, which are nasty looking beasts. Basically, the movie is THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME done for the thousandth time.

I liked the look of the movie, there is characterization with the actors and you actually give a crap about a few of them, but two things really irritated me. One, is why are the sent to the planet via parachutes? Why not just have all the human prey wake up on the ground? I just couldn't picture these huge ferocious Predators taking the time to dress all these unconscious folk into the parachutes. The second thing is that they mess around with the nature of the Predators by having a few different species of them. For two seconds it's cool but it messes around with all of the other movies and yes, continuity is important to me.

Overall, I'd say this is along the lines of the other flicks, not nearly as good as the original but not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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