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Primeval: Series Three (2009)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Primeval: Series Three (2009) The third season of PRIMEVAL is disappointing, primarily because it gets rid of two of its more interesting characters. There is also much more emphasis on the future monsters, such as the bat-apes and these huge ant-like predators.

In the first episode an anomaly appears in the middle of an Egyptian exhibit in a British Museum, releasing a crocodile-like creature that was worshipped long ago as "The Eater of Souls". Sarah Page (Laila Rouass), a museum curator, ends up joining the ARC and becoming a team-member this season.

Then, Jenny Lewis (Lucy Brown) decides to quit the organization, as she's having an identity crisis of sorts. And most surprising of all, team leader Nick Cutter (Douglas Hensall) is killed by ex-wife and series villain Helen Cutter. She thinks she'll prevent a future disaster if he no longer exists. However, she discovers she is wrong and then decides to take a more extreme measure in preventing humanity from destroying the planet.

Danny Quinn, who is introduced in an episode involving a "Gremlin", a creature that is about the size of a person and can camouflage itself, becomes the team's leader after the death of Cutter. He's much more action-oriented--and one-dimensional.

Prehistoric creatures that appear in other episodes are Gigantosaurus, a pack of carnivorous ground birds, a herd of rhinoceras-like emobolotherium. One of the more interesting is a dragon-looking dinosaur that is being pursued by a Knight from the middle ages, which is the first time we see a human from another time-period.

The last few episodes involve a far-future, which is inhabited by vicious predators. There is another time-gate there, which Helen Cutter uses to go back to mankind's early history, where she plans on killing her ancestors, thus preventing the evolution of mankind. However, team-mates Abby and Connor get stuck in the Cretacious, surrounded by Raptors, and Danny Quinn, though he manages to finally deal with Helen Cutter, gets stuck a few million years ago.

Unfortunately, ITV, the UK company which produces the show, is not going to be doing a fourth season, which leaves everything very much unresolved.

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