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Prisoner, The (2009)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Prisoner, The (2009) This is a six-episode remake that A & E did of the original British show. In "Arrival" it begins with Number Six waking up in the middle of a barren, mountainous desert and witnessing the pursuit of an old guy. He rescues the old guy, hides him in a cave but he dies. Then, he walks and finds himself in The Village, where everything is literally labelled. He waves down the only cab and asks the guy to take him out of the village but he says he just does local pickups. He passes out that night, then awakens to find himself in a hospital. There he meets a woman doctor, 505, who becomes his friend.

There are flashbacks to his real life, in which he meets a woman and takes her back to his apartment. It's alluded to that his job, which was monitoring communications, has something to do with his present predicament. In the end, he tries to escape again in the desert but this huge white ball comes over a hill and stops him. There's also Number 2 (Ian McKellan), who seems to be the ruler of The Village. Everyone is afraid of this guy, even his own son.

In the second episode, "Harmony", some guy tries to convince him that he's his brother and even introduces him to his family. He's also taken back to his old job, which is driving a tour bus. Then, one day, as they are driving through the desert, he sees something in the desert and it turns out to be a huge, rusted out ship anchor. Which means that they are somewhere near the ocean. His "brother" finally reveals that he's not really his brother. They find the ocean, but that white ball shows up again in the waves and drowns the guy. In the third episode he's recruited by Number 2 to spy on a teacher and he does this mostly to gain more information about The Village. We find out that people who are not behaving as they should are reconditioned down in the tunnels--and when the woman doctor is taken down there he follows to rescue her. Again, the white ball shows up and this time it seems to absorb people.

In the second half of the mini-series he's reintroduced to a woman he had a one night stand with in the "real" world, right before he appeared in the Village. In fact, they almost get married because they are making him fall in love with her. Then, he and Number Two seem to go crazy in "Schizoid", and he gets closer to the truth of why he's here.

There's lots of editing, flashbacks, scenes that seem like dreams, but this remake simply doesn't provoke the same feeling as the original show. Unsatisfying and utterly needless remakes are the words.

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