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Pulse 3 (2008)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Pulse 3 (2008) The movie opens in the present day with young couple Adam and Salwa, who have been having a relationship for the past eleven months via the internet/cameras. He's in Ohio and she's in Cairo and they've never met in person. He has two-way video monitors in all of the rooms of his apartment, so that they can eat together, sleep together, et cetera. His world falls apart, however, when he watches her commit suicide by jumping off a building.

Then we skip seven years into the future after the ghosts have taken over through technology and continue the story begin in PULSE 2: AFTERLIFE, with a seventeen year-old Justine. She was the only survivor of the first sequel. She's now living in a refugee camp but wants something more. She finds a still functioning laptop computer and begins communicating with Adam, who tells her to run away and meet him in Houston. On the way she meets an old African-American man who lets her stay the night, but once he realizes she has a computer he chains her up. The scene is like a weird version of BLACK SNAKE MOAN. He uses the computer to summon the ghost of his late wife and she ends up killing him. She escapes and continues to the city where she finds out that Adam is a ghost.

In Houston she meets the "Man with a Plan", also another character she had met as a child in the first movie. He knows that the ghosts can penetrate the color red, so his windows are covered in red plastic and red tape. He's figured out a way to rid the world of these ghosts, by exploding nuclear devices in the atmosphere--and he's working with the Army. He also tells her that there's also a way to bring all the ghosts into the world again, to make them flesh, and it has to do with a computer program.

He keeps Justine prisoner in a room with a ghost but she ends up helping the ghost--and it ends up killing him. She makes contact with Adam and ends up making him flesh again--but he's not altruistic. In fact, he's killed others to survive, a serial killer who will probably kill her. Just in time the "Man with a Plan's" plan goes into effect and bombs start exploding in the atmosphere, making all the ghosts disappear. Justine goes back to the refugee camp where she has a new appreciation of that society.

This is the best PULSE movie, as it's different than the previous two and definitely concludes the series.

Directed by Joel Soisson

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