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Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys (2004)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys (2004) Well, this is better than DOLLMAN vs. DEMONIC TOYS, which doesn't necessarily mean it has anything going for it. Cory Feldman is Robert Toulon, the great-great grandnephew of Andre Toulon. He and his daughter are working on a formula to bring the puppets back to life. One of the ingredients is Toulon blood.There is also this woman who is in charge of Sharpe toys, who plans on distributing these three toys they have-a baby, a bear and a clown that comes out of a Jack-in-the-box. On Christmas, when all the children open their presents, these toys will come to life and presumably do horrible things to them. This very much reminded me of the plot of HALLOWEEN III, where the villain was distributing these three halloween masks which would kill the children on Halloween and turn their heads into a mass of creepy-crawlies.She desires Toulon's puppets-and wants the secret formula for animating them. She captures Toulon's daughter and keeps her captive down in this subterranean torture room that exists far below her office building. It's complete with torture devices-and a contraption which is able to extract the blood from a human very quickly. Just as she's about to kill the daughter Toulon comes in, with the puppets, and saves the day.First, how does this connect with CURSE OF THE PUPPET MASTER, which takes place chronologically before this one? Toulon mentions that he found the puppets at an antique store in France-but the events in CURSE took place in the Midwest. And whose idea was it to cast Cory Feldman as Toulon? He's not believable for one moment as a grey-haired father of a teenaged girl. The casting simply doesn't work.I would say all of the other PUPPET MASTER movies are better than this amalgamation.
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