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Rambo (2008)
Movie Review by The Mortician

Rambo (2008) Stallone's triumphant return to Rambo territory is still glorious in this extended edition with more character development. Rambo, wrangling cobras and hiding out from the world in Thailand near the Burma border, gets talked into taking a group of Christian missionaries (including ex-DEXTER hottie Julie Benz) into Burma to help the downtrodden by bringing them medicine and the word of God. Of course, Burma is one of the seven lower levels of hell, with a vicious General burning down villages, raping women and children, and annihilating anyone that dares defy him. The missionaries are captured in a brutal raid and Rambo is asked to go back and rescue them along with a group of colorful Expendable-like mercenaries. (One can see where Stallone got the EXPENDABLES movie idea from watching this flick and tying in the line in Rambo II where he says I'm expendable like being invited to a party but it not mattering if you show up or not. ) Once the action starts, you'll be rooting for Rambo the underdog warrior once again as he slices through platoons of bad guys with his bow and arrow and Bowie knife. One of my favorite scenes is when he booby traps an old WWII bomb with a claymore and the thing blows up like a freakin' nuclear bomb. Yeah, nuke those psycho Commies! The last twenty minutes of JOHN RAMBO are an adrenaline rush as the team take on hundreds of bad guys and Rambo gets behind this giant shielded Dragonfly of a gun and lays waste to 'em like they're video game fodder. The violence is epic in the modern, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN sense. Rambo goes through a nice character arch in the Director's Cut, hating the world and seeing no purpose to anything in the beginning and by the end there's a gleam of hope for the future in his heart. Stallone rules the roost in this one, co-writing, directing, and starring in a masterpiece of modern, heart hammering action and violence. When the man is on, he's ON FIRE, and JOHN RAMBO is one that gets better and better with every view and makes you just want MORE.

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