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Return to the Planet of the Apes (1976)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Return to the Planet of the Apes (1976) The story line and scripts are good and fit in with the mythos of POTA but the animation sucks. Individual frames look good, like a painting, but it's minimal animation here folks, on par with those 60's animated Marvel Superhero cartoons.

A trio of astronauts, one blonde, one African American and one white woman, crash land on Earth's future, in which the apes rule. Unlike the live-action movies, the Ape City has electricity and they drive vehicles. A few episode center around the Gorilla General who uncovers an old aircraft and wants to use that to kill off the remaining humans. The humans, more like cavemen, are referred to as 'humanoids'. Zira, Cornelius and Zira exist here. There are also the Under-dwellers, human mutants who have technology and live underground in the Forbidden Zone. They abduct the woman astronaut, who they worship as a sort of diety. The reason is that they have a bust of her head from thousands of years ago, which says USA, so that's what they call her. There are also giant mutated animals'a sea serpent in the lake where their rocket crash lands, a giant Kong-like ape that lives high atop a mountain, and a flying lizard-like reptile.

For PLANET OF THE APES completionists this is a must but the book novelizations of this series (3 books) is much better.

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