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Roswell: Season One (1999)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Roswell: Season One (1999) I had never watched this show when it originally aired on the WB and I was somewhat reluctant about watching another teen-oriented sci-fi/drama. But I was pleasantly surprised. ROSWELL, based on the ROSWELL HIGH series of books, it's about a handful of teens who become involved with Max and Isabel Evans (Jason Behr and Katherine Heigl) and Michael Guerin (Michael Fehr), who just happen to be aliens. Their ship had crashed in the 40's but the fifteen-year-olds didn't come out of their "pods" until ten years before, after which they were adopted. Max and Isabel grew up in a "normal suburban" household with a caring mother and father while Michael grew up in a foster home with a drunk "father". Their secret is revealed when Max saves the life of love-interest Liz Parker (Shiri Appleby) when she's accidently shot in the alien-themed diner where she works. He confides in her about that he's really an alien, which upsets Isabel and Michael, as it's knowledge that can potentially harm them if the wrong people find out about their secret.

The first few episodes start and end with Liz writing about the events in her diary, which I don't think worked too well. The middle of the season we learn more about their powers, the relationship between Max and Liz grows, as do the relationships the other teens develop. By the end of the season they find out that there's an older alien, a shape-shifter named Nasedo, and that there is a fourth member of their group, Tess Harding (Emilie De Ravin of LOST). The town's Sheriff, Valenti (William Sadler of DEMON KNIGHT), eventually becomes their ally. Then, the authorities, a clandestine part of the FBI, also find out about Max and take him to a hidden facility where they torture him.

Overall, I found the series entertaining. The on again/off again relationships of the characters got a little tedious, but the alien back story they establish is interesting enough-and there's a decent twist on the Roswell crash mythology.

Season two the series gets better.

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