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Sabotage (2014)
Movie Review by The Mortician

Sabotage (2014) Arnie is back again! Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger, doing his thing. Arnie always plays a character named JOHN, like in COMMANDO, John Matrix. Here he plays tough guy JOHN Breacher. Way cool. After his tenure as Governator of CA ended, Arnie jumped back into Hollywood movies with cameos in THE EXPENDABLES franchise and returned to form in THE LAST STAND, as a sheriff defending his town from an escaped convict rolling through to the border of Mexico. Arnie followed that one up with this one, where he's more part of an ensemble cast, a'la PREDATOR. This time, Arnie is the leader in a group of DEA Agents that take down drug cartels all over the world. Again, like in PREDATOR, Arnie and his gang lock and load, catching the bad guys with no trouble, all guns blazing. But he and his group have changed over the years, and one of the cartels caught up with Arnie and killed his wife and kid in revenge for what they do. So...Arnie and his group of guys (and one girl, played so hot and wild by Mireille Enos, who does numerous nude and sexy scenes in the movie in her "under cover" work!) decide to steal ten millions bucks from one of the cartels before the "bust" is over. They hide the money in a sewer, come back for it later, and guess what....it's GONE! Somehow, the Feds (Arnie's bosses) know the money is missing, but neither him or his team take the rap for it because it really is missing. When members of his team starting getting brutally murdered, PREDATOR 2 style (gutted and pinned to ceilings...and I guess the drug cartels really do this these days!), it becomes apparent that someone else thinks they do have the money and wants revenge. Arnie teams up with investigating homicide cop Olivia Williams and slowly comes to the revelation that one of his own team members probably not only stole the money from the group, but is also responsible for killing the members off. It was no surprise who the culprit turned out to be, but after you think you know it all, there's a nice dirty double twist at the end that I did NOT see coming. Arnie is great as always, leading the way for his tough guy and gal group. This movie has tons of action, explosions, naked women, and again, the rather skanky Mireille Enos really channels a strange "I'd love to tap that" aura in her part, and it was nice! The worst thing about the movie is the large ensemble group and their dialogue- there's so many characters they're hard to keep track of and the dialogue is profanely over-the-top and nonsensical for the most part, with everyone talking in some vile street lingo that really makes it difficult to understand what's going on- they basically just curse at each other, call each other names, and well...it makes little sense! I get that's supposed to be hip and hyper-real. Still, it's Arnie, man, bang-bang and guns and explosions and it's way cool to see him doing his thing once again!

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