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Saw (2004) Blu-Ray
Movie Review by Herr Doktor

Saw (2004) "Nothing is real but pain now"...Metallica - ONE

"I want to play a game" - Jigsaw

Guten tag fiends! And welcome to the first of a series of bluray reviews. I chose the deliciously evil series of Saw. Twists, turns, pain and other gruesome factors that make this series a delight for holiday viewing with the kids! Let's Start at the beginning…

Saw: the original

This film was a horror fans wet dream. Dark, gory as hell, and traps that you don't simply walk away from. It also seemed like the film where once promising actors went to die! (Ex. Danny Glover, Cary Elwes)

It starts right in the middle of a cluster fuck of being chained with another person in a grimy dark bathhouse. Nobody knows what the hell or why, AND some dead guy in the middle of the room no one can reach. As time goes on we gain insight into a charming little fellow named Jigsaw. An uber genius who perhaps was a talented mechanical engineer or professor before losing his mind. His point is a simple one. Do you deserve to live, and if so how far are you willing to go to prove it? Fans of this film (and the other countless sequels) know he means business. The lessons he teaches can liberate your mind, or tear you into pieces. Make your choice…Live or Die? Danny Glover seems somewhat out of place here. Maybe because I grew up watching him play Sgt. Murtaugh on the Lethal Weapon series, but this version of the cop he plays is obsessed with the mystery named Jigsaw. I would have loved to see how his character evolved through the series, but alas this is his only film. Cary Elwes plays a sleazy type doctor with a shady past that somehow Jigsaw knows about. You see Jigsaw only searches out those who have squandered their lives, and gives them a shot at redemption. But his lessons always leave nasty scars. Let's talk Blu-Ray.

Video 4.5 out of 5

This film is as dark as Satan's heart! Greenish pallor, lights flickering like the corner of a ghetto bus stop, black blood like ichors, this film means business. No vibrant colors except for the whites presented in the room which traps our two "heroes". This is made viewable by the 1080p transfer, better presentation than the DVD version. This movie is black, ugly, and devoid of hope and I love how every frame of the film shows this. You see every speck of filth, blood, and pain.

Audio 5 out 5

Outstanding sound concerning the dialogue, the sound of the rusty hinges on the head harness trap, everything is there. At no part in this 5.1 lossless presentation will you ever wonder what is going on.


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