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Scared to Death (1985)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Scared to Death (1985) This is one of the better rubber suit monster films from the 80's. A synthesized genetic organism (Syngenor) has escaped from its creator's lab and now is stalking the Los Angelos area in search of food. Syngenor is very hungry, hungry for spinal fluid it extracts from its victims with a needle sharp forked tongue. The victims begin to pile up and the killer is nowhere in site for the baffled police. Syngenor it seems is also smart and has taken to the sewer system to hide along with a few munchies it has brought back for a midnight snack. It's up to a semi-retired from fright investigator (with a huge gun) and his new girlfriend/secretary to put things right. Scared to Death is a cool film and and a must see for rubber suit monster fans. Hell, it was good enough to spawn a sequel. The gloomy lighting and nasty looking sewer scenes make for great looking movie. The creature itself is interesting looking with big nasty teeth and that spinal fluid sucking tongue. The costume is sleek, yet almost armor looking. There were a few genuinely tense moments to be had here and the monster is a formidable looking beast. The sewer chase at the end is fun and poor old Syngenor experiences one of the worst and most painful looking deaths in rubber suited monster history. Poor guy, all he wanted was some spinal fluid for breakfast. This is truly a gem and worth the watch. Find it if you can and remember that at ant time a genetic experiment in your town could go wrong and unleash a...Syngenor!
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