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Scary Tales: The Return of Mr. Longfellow (2005)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Scary Tales: The Return of Mr. Longfellow (2005) The movie begins with a serial killer, Don Leifert, who is trying to trade in his recently stolen car at a used car dealership. It turns out that this place is run by Mr. Longfellow (Joel D. Wynkoop), who had run a temp agency in the first SCARY TALES movie. Longfellow insists on telling the serial killer a story about each of the cars he has to offer-and they are some pretty weird, imaginative tales.The first is CHARLIE'S DEMONS, in which members of a group therapy retreat are killed off one by one-and it seems that the psychiatrist is responsible. Or is something much more unexpected going on? I really liked the twist ending, although it's almost identical to that used in a recent Hollywood movie. As this independent flick was shot in 2002, it was done here first. The one thing I could have done without, and I see this in countless movies that deal with psychiatrists and psychiatry, is that this avenue of mental help is always viewed as a bad thing, with either the psychiatrist evil or the therapy being damaging. I bring this up as I know people in the field-and this movie bias continually irks them.Anyways, that is my only gripe.The next story, DENNIS FRYE VS. THE ZOMBIES, re-introduces a character from the first SCARY TALES movie who is working in a convenience store. He's in love with a woman named Sarah (Felissa Rose), who sees past his nerdness, though she's somewhat unavailable. Dennis is also continually harassed by this gang of thugs, 'The Zombies', who come into the store and take whatever they want. Then, one day, a stranger comes in with a box of magic chocolate bars, warning Dennis that they'll make a good man more powerful and a bad man more evil. Well, the gang eats the bars and they turn into their namesakes. Dennis takes a bite-and is filled with a new confidence in order to battle the undead. It's a bit corny but it works.The third story is about a thief who checks into a creepy motel after nearly having a fatal car accident. Although you know right away that it was really a fatal car accident, it's done entertainingly enough so that you don't mind. One of the things that make this movie is that it features some good cameos by cult 'B-Movie' actors. After seeing Joe Estevez in Ron Ford's DEAD SEASON-and again in this movie, I'm starting to become a fan. Joel D. Wynkoop is, as always, over the top in a hilarious way. Felissa Rose (SLEEPAWAY CAMP, CORPSES ARE FOREVER, NIKOS THE IMPALER) looks the best I've ever seen her in a movie and Robert Z'Dar's (who portrays a cop) chin has grown by leaps and bounds.I enjoyed this video more than the first SCARY TALES. Highly recommended for those who enjoy horror anthologies.
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