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Seven Days: Season Three (2001)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Seven Days: Season Three (2001) The third and final season of this time travel show begins with an episode in which chrononaut Frank Parker (Jonathan LaPaglia) encounters the spirit of a dead woman and brings her to the present day where she meets her daughter who is repeating her same mistakes. She wants his help in order to save her life.

There are some big changes in regard to some characters from the first two seasons. Dr. John Ballard (Sam Whipple) is in only a few episodes before he retires and is replaced by a young genius by the name of Andrew "Hooter" Owlsley. Isaac Mentnor, the most senior scientist, is only in a handful of episodes.

In TOP DOG, chief-of-security Nathan Ramsey goes about as crazy as he was in the pilot when he's appointed the head of the Back-step Project. It's established that the government officials ultimately in charge are more or less evil. Then, in ADAM & EVE it's the new guy's turn to go nuts. In this episode Olga, Frank and Hooter are deep in a military installation when the surface is wiped clean of life by a new type of neutron bomb that goes awry. But Hooter is exposed to some radiation and it affects his mind as they travel from Colorado to Nevada to do a Back-step. He wants Olga to be his Eve and tries to kill Parker. There's an episode that's sort of like THE ASTRONAUTS WIFE/SPECIES when an alien ship is discovered in orbit around the moon and the lone astronaut who returns to earth is infected with blue crystals. When he's examined at AREA 51 he takes a liking to Olga and she is unable to resist him, ultimately pregnant with a batch of aliens. In another weird religious episode, like the season premiere, another chrononaut (Robert Picardo) shows up, claiming to be from seven years in the future. He says they must assassinate an up and coming religious leader from the Middle East. He explains that the leade will eventually get access to nuclear bombs and reign a Jihad upon America, killing millions and causing world war III. But he's not exactly what he seems and actually turns out to be the devil himself. In KANSAS, a power surge causes Frank to reappear in what looks to be an alternative reality, a "Mirror Universe" where everything is opposite. It turns out that reality has been reversed, with even the writing backwards. Olga is dead and it's her sister who is a rebel scientist. Ramsey is a pot smoking, pony-tailed guy who is best friends with Parker. In THE BIN, Parker is still having nightmares about his time imprisoned on Hanson's Island, at the secret government mental hospital where he was before they recruited him for the time-travel program. He ends up going back there to uncover a conspiracy that the doctors are involved with, which had resulted in the blindness of over 14,000 teenagers at a rock concert. The last episode of season three, and the last of the series, has Frank going back in time to save the life of a friend who was a Seal with him in the Navy. It's just okay.

I wish they had somehow wrapped up some of the relationships with the characters in the series, particularly between Parker and female scientist Olga Vukavitch, but I think they thought they were going to get renewed for a fourth season...

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