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Seven Days Season Two (1999)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Seven Days Season Two (1999) The second season of this time-travel show concentrates a bit more on the characters and has some more interesting stories than in the first season. The premise is that the government has back-engineered alien technology from the 1940's Roswell Crash and have created a time-travel device that can go back in time the maximum of seven days. The only person who is able to pilot this craft, because of his unique brain chemistry, is Lt. Frank Parker (Jonathan LaPaglia).

In "Parker.com" an artificial intelligence, which has taken a female persona, develops a crush on Parker. In "For the Children", chrononaut Parker goes back in time to save a group of kids on a sightseeing tour that are being held hostage by soldiers who are suffering from Gulf War Syndrome. In "Two Weddings and a Funeral" Frank and Olga marry, but he has to go on a backstep for a mission to prevent some terrorists from blowing up the statue of liberty. Before he goes he promises to tell her what happened though she's anything but eager to marry him again. It turns out it's her evil doppel ganger from season one who has escaped from the mental institution. In "Walk Away", the scientists of the group, while doing an autopsy on the evil alien who almost killed them at the end of the first season, discover that the creature has an implant in his spine which was probably to repair an injury. Dr. John Ballard (Sam Whipple), the one doctor who is in a wheelchair, has this implanted in himself and he's able to walk again. Unfortunately part of the alien's mind was transplanted as well and he gets taken over. This is one of the season's better episodes as it answers a lot of questions I had about this character. Then, it's off for a bit of goofiness in "Time Gremlins", in which Parker goes through a weird rift in space and brings back some weird creature that is affecting his personal time. In another episode, he rescues a princess (Emanuelle Vaugier) from a bad fate and spares her from a bad marriage. In "Buried Alive" the time ship materializes underground and he's dropped in an abandoned mine. There are flashbacks to him as a kid, teenager and young adult. We are also introduced to a father figure, a gruff priest whose guidance shaped Frank into the man he became.

In "The Backstepper's Apprentice" the machine passes through an airplane that is crashing and Frank grabs a teenager who is falling from the plane. The kid wakes up the previous day, in his bed, unharmed. He finds himself repeating everything, though he makes changes. His biggest goal is to save the life of his grandfather, who will have a heart attack.Some of the following episodes also follow this trend, beginning with characters in different situations that somehow tie into Frank's adventures--and how the time travel gives them a second chance. This happens when his friend and coworker Craig kills the drug dealer that made his sister an addict and in another episode when a trio of teenage girls, who think the are witches, become involved in a bombing. The last episode of the season, "The Cure", is great and opens up a lot of possibilities. A research scientist friend of Olga's has found the cure for cancer but there's someone trying to assassinate her. Frank captures the culprit and he turns out to be a chrononaut from over 160 years in the future. He explains that the doctor can't get her cure to the public because it mutates into a virus and kills the majority of mankind. He has to kill her to save billions of lives.

As I said, this second season is better than the first. I am interested in checking out the third and final season.

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