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Sexandroide (1987)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Sexandroide (1987) This is some super-weird indie-surrealist sleaze. No real narrative to speak of, just an episodic three part ensemble of trashy goodness that doesn't require any kind of linear structure as far as I'm concerned.

First segment: some drunk broad in a bar stumbles into the restroom to puke. All the while, an unknown guy with a specially fashioned wax voodoo doll goes to work. He begins by manipulating her clothes off of her body, then sticking needles into the crotch, eyes, and nipples of the doll - all of which, of course, cause her body to bleed profusely. This continues until her face has finally been burned off and she is hung from the ceiling.

Second sequence involves a facially unattractive, but firm-bodied, gothy-dominatrix looking chick being stripped, tortured and killed by a guy with a face that sort of resembles a duck with the beak quickly molded out of silly putty five minutes before they shot the scene. He pierces each of her nipples about three times and shoves more needles into her tits. It's safe to say that the nipple piercing was legit, but I'm on the fence with the general tit puncturing, which could certainly have been real as well. He cuts her face, stabs her, stabs himself, pretty much all. It's the goriest scene in the movie.

Third part, and by far the best - chick in a funeral dress is stripped and bitten by a vampire in shitty make-up who's laying in a coffin. After being resurrected as a vampire - again with awful make-up - she proceeds to dance naked to two Tina Turner songs. That's basically the last 10 minutes. I don't understand any significance to this completely random display of awkward eroticism, but it definitely chubbed me up and had me laughing out of confusion.

Overall, I'm not sure what to make of "Sexandroide". I certainly liked it for it's heavy gore and consistant nudity. If you get your hands on it be sure to check out this odd little 'sexploit'- anthology for it's utter weirdness.

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