Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
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Shaun of the Dead (2004)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Shaun of the Dead (2004) While SHAUN OF THE DEAD doesn't add anything to the zombie genre, it is nevertheless an enjoyable movie worth taking a look at. The story centers around Shaun, of course, and how he transforms from this boring, humdrum kind of guy into a zombie slayer. Although he has just broken up with his girlfriend, she's one of the first people he goes out and rescues. But along with her come her two stuffy friends, who hate Shaun. Then, it's off to rescue his mother, Barbara, which provides the great line 'We're coming to get you, Barbara!'. His stepfather, though, is bitten and soon turns into one of the undead. Shauns best friend is his slovenly roommate, who also provides most of the comedy. The zombie makeup and effects are as good as in any of the Romero movies, and these zombies tend to shuffle along rather than sprint (as in the new DAWN OF THE DEAD remake). There are also a lot of 'in jokes', such as a radio announcement saying that the zombie plague may be caused by 'Rage infected primates'. SHAUN OF THE DEAD may not be as good as you think it would be but it is a hoot.
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