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Shining, The (1980) Blu-Ray
Movie Review by Herr Doktor

Shining, The (1980) "Now that I've warned you, always look behind you...You never know just who'll be there! The harmless looking dear, may be the one to fear, so never trust those you don't know...." - Schizo / Venom - Welcome to Hell

Welcome Fiends of all shapes and sizes, story time is here! And what a mind-twisting insanity bomb of a story it is! This story my infernal ones is led by the legendary late Stanley Kubrick and followed by Jack Nicholson, the late Scatman Crothers, and Shelly "Olive Oil" Duval. Although he claims to dislike the film even though it made him a fuckload of cash, this story was written by the literary behemoth Steven King. Granted most the actual book was left out frankly due to budgeting issues (Nicholson's salary), and the disagreement of Kubrick and how he wanted to proceed. In my humble opinion this is still an awesome film with a true eeriness that is seldom seen on the screen today. We are all now desensitized by the sight of blood after seeing the infamous hallway scene spouting rivers. Creepy white girls with British accents and the incessant 3 wheel riding the hallways with the background noise of a typewriter rattling on mold this film from a horror film to an art house-thriller-mindfuck.

Danny Torrance is a gifted little boy who is not only telepathic, but also can see the future and past. As Caretaker of the Overlook played by Scatman tells him it's Shining. Nicholson Ironically plays Jack the struggling former teacher slash violent drunk trying to make a comeback with the all American novel. Through in Ms. Duvall and a hundred spooks, imaginary bartender, and insanity of course and you get the warm Family film we all know and love. I personally love this film, and some don't. (King) But what cannot be denied, is that is a classic in the vein of Psycho, the Exorcist, and other must owns.

Let's Talk Blu-Ray

Video: 4.5 out of 5

Let's face it fiends, this movie is 30 plus years old. No CGI or pure high def digital filming quality is to be found here. But with what High-def team were given they worked their asses off and gave us a super clean picture that will definitely show everything Kubrick meant for us to see. Very little smudge or dirt is seen, and the panorama of the mountains and outdoor scenes are outstanding.

Audio: 4.5 out of 5

The dialogue and effects are amazing. The whistles of the storm sound like tormented spirits screaming for vengeance against their murderers. The Redrum scene is sold on the powerful soundtrack that tells you to be afraid or at least a little creeped out. Obviously this is up-converted from a 2 track stereo recording, but it seems seamless in its transformation to the 21st century 5.1 sound we all love. Because it comes from an analog source the sound is as deep as a grave, and thick as a London broil. No noticeable hiss is heard.

Overall: 4.5 out of 5

Recommended. If you have not already added this to your collection, hang your pointed head in shame! Pull up Amazon and buy this Mutha!!

Until next time...stay Creepy

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