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Sinful Dwarf, The (1973)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Sinful Dwarf, The (1973) I'll just say right off the bat: I'm a pretty big fan of midgets. I think they're funny. And when you try to make 'em sinister... Priceless. Apparently, one-time director Videl Raski had a sense of humor too back in 1973 when "The Sinful Dwarf" came to fruition and treated the soft-core "roughie" world of cinema to this fine piece of exploitation (or "dwarfsploitation, as some like to refer to it)...

Many may look at a film like "The Sinful Dwarf" as mear trash or some kind of offensive misuse of a commonly downplayed minority known as "the midget". I'm aware of other appellations that they may wish to go by, such as "little people", "munchkins" or "human", but for the sake of chastening this review, I'll go with the classic "midget"... This film is more than just an exercise in midget demonization and gratuitously prolonged scenes of intercourse, but more of a good hard look at the possibility of midget-run white slavery. I've had nightmares about it. This deranged little bastard, Olaf, lures full grown women (curiously playing hop-scotch and displaying the mannerisms of 6 year-olds) to the boarding house ran by him and his tweaked out mother who enjoys performing lounge lizard acts to her drunken, loud-mouth old friend. After mesmerizing them with wind-up poodle toys, Olaf clubs them from behind (this is only shown once, but I assume this is common practice). The girls are stripped and shackled in the attic where they are kept doped up on heroin as a means of reliance through chemical dependency (i.e. "Thriller: A Cruel Picture"). The heroin is smuggled through teddy bears, courtesy of a local toy store owner named Santa. Olaf is also seen peeking at a young couple making passionate love and joyously forcing toys into perverted positions.

The build-up is pretty slow, but you've got plenty of sleaziness to keep ya interested. Nothing real significant in the area of gore, but you're treated to a sexually frustrated midget, as well as one plummeting to it's death. What more could you ask for? This was some pretty crazy shit even if it was incapable of being 'erotic' due to the fact that a dwarf hobbling around, giggling and playing piano can really conflict with your arousal senses (unless one of your 'kinks' happen to be midgets...) If "dwarfsploitation" is your thing, give "The Sinful Dwarf" a shot.

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