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Slayer, The (1982)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Slayer, The (1982) Lately, I've been checking out a few older slashers that managed to fly under my radar when I was growing up as a serious junkie of this type of thing (like most ALL of us, I'm sure). Unfortunately, I'm a little harder to please when it comes to these flicks than I was when I was a prepubescent-to-teenage video store dweller who couldn't get enough of this shit. I still love certain slasher films now - but the formula has worn a little thin with me over the years. "The Slayer" is a good example of what leaves me a bit disenchanted with the sub-genre nowadays...

Four friends fly to a remote island to vacation. We get that one woman (the obvious survivor) who won't have fun and bums everyone out cause she's having dreams of crazy foreshadowing shit. They, and their airplane pilot, are killed slowly killed off by some sort of maniac - and when I say "slowly", I mean fucking SLOWLY.

This movie is slower than a snail trying to pull a cement filled car with square tires. Just one of those slashers that didn't have enough of an 'idea' or shitty actors to kill off so they padded it out with tedious scenes of people walking around in the dark with a flashlight, looking for their friend who we already know was killed. There ARE a few neat kills - such as a guy getting his head crushed off with a trap door and a chick getting impaled with a pitchfork which was a pretty good effect. They finally show the killer creature at the end... The VERY end. One shot of him then the movie basically ends.

"The Slayer" is another "video nasty" with a devout following that did nothing for me...

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