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Slumber Party Massacre III (1990)
Movie Review by Professor Corpse Rot

Slumber Party Massacre III (1990) A film that actually grossed more than what was required to make it; Slumber Party Massacre 3 is, unmistakably, the third entry in the series. This title also had the financial backing of Roger Corman who sat comfortably in the executive producer's chair and may not have originally been intended as part of the Slumber Party Massacre series with a script title of "Night Light." Through whatever intervention of your choosing, they made it part of the series to appeal to gluttons for punishment that essentially ruin the genre, but I digress. I've made it no secret how kooky the previous film is, possibly causing you to turn a watchful eye - and while rest assured that post-high school- lingerie-clad actresses hamming-it-up in a pillow fight and males with an "agenda" come front and center, it's a surprising reprieve from its silly predecessor.

A close-knit group of girls decide to throw a slumber party late one evening. Jackie's parents are away for the weekend so what better way to celebrate than to mix up a healthy blend of lecherous antics, horseplay, donkey play, a touch of Red Rover Red Rover, and psychotic tendencies of a man who prefers drilling clueless/moronic/helpless individuals into annihilation. They've been so kind to garnish the dish with a dash of red; a herring, to be precise, with its undeniable intention of derailing your suspicions. I'd suggest packing up your little detective play-set that you purchased at Ames circa 1989 in favor of real intellect and wit because the tricks and traps this film will toss your way will entangle your mental faculties! Now that I've exhausted my marketable approach, allow me to be more candid; expect an over-abundance of ridiculous mistakes, goofs, mis-haps, shortcuts, and fools racing around a kitchen counter plotting their next screw-up. But such a predictable mess unfortunately defined the word "Slasher" so late in the game. "Hasn't it always been that way, Professor…in all the various sub-genres of Horror?" Surprisingly no, but with Slasher films undoubtedly the case. They've allowed the frat stereotype to spear-head the sub-genre far too much for anyone's liking so naturally the quality of content slipped into degradation. It's a working theory at least.

The fact that you'll peg the killer from the start won't be enough to persuade the board members of Mensa to consider your application (they haven't extended that courtesy to me either and I've been alive for a few hundred years). One thing that I did find a bit refreshing (well, in the way of pouring a glass of water on stale potato chips) is how schizo' the villain is. I almost couldn't help but think of dear Patrick Bateman, running amok down the halls of his high rise apartment complex whilst brandishing a chainsaw with no pants on. Let's be clear about the comparison I just made; the characters are similar, yes - the acting, however…well… it'd be absolutely foolish to compare Christian Bale to anyone in this film.

If you've seen Slumber Party Massacre 3, you may feel slightly defensive on behalf of the female characters. "But they stood up for themselves!" To their credit, they try mightily to thwart the murderer but more often than not it feels like a "just because" exercise. There's even one scene where one of the girls gets savagely drilled to death while her supposed "girlfriends" stand there and watch. Why not break another glass object over his head? Oh, you've tried that 5 times already? Why not grab something with substantial weight to it other than a movie prop? I'm not too worried about spoiling the content for you since there's a good chance you'll never have the urge to see this title. If you are among the few that sought this film by your own volition, it's highly probable you aren't going to watch it for the story. One element of Slasher films I'll NEVER understand is how a group of 8 or 9 strong cannot think logically enough to defeat one human being. It's baffling to me. If a group was organized to apprehend the villain so swiftly, we'd be left without a movie; this I understand. The problem lies with how unrealistic it comes across and it's impossible for me to suspend my disbelief. I'm more inclined to believe in Pumpkinhead because of how fantastical the notion is.

What's left to say about this installment? Aside from the usual setup, the director decided to embark on a darker theme regarding a backstory that's hardly explored. I can't say I understand the mentality of showing 1 or 2 scenes that could have been effectively creepy had it been for a little more character development. That might sound a touch confusing but I'm sure my assessment won't make or break your decision in watching this film. Slumber Party Massacre 3 definitely reflects its age in both the redundant nature of a Slasher film from the 90s and the obvious wardrobe selection of 21 years ago; all-in-all, a nostalgia piece with a predictable plot, typical characters, and the highest level of gore in the Slumber Party Massacre series.

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