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Snakes On A Plane (2006)
Movie Review by The Cryptkeeper

Snakes On A Plane (2006) FBI agent Neville Flynn (Samuel L. Jackson) is tasked with escorting a witness, Sean Jones (Nathan Phillips), to a high-profile trial and to keep him safe from those who would do him harm. As the film's title suggests, however, an onboard assassin determined to rid the G-men of their precious cargo unleashes a crate full of venomous snakes in this taut airborne thriller. -netflix

I was pretty excited about seeing this when it first came out. Not as excited as one of my friends who had the Snakes On A Plane wallpaper on his desktop for months and talked about the movie every day. However, it seemed like a quirky little premise... which was appealing. Also appealing was the prospect of Samuel L. Jackson being the star... knowing that at some point he would let loose with the "mother fuckers"... just not knowing when. Plus, I am always excited to see any film that has the very hot Julianna Margulies in it. As I do with most films, I waited for this to hit DVD before I saw it. Not sure why I didn't review this right away... but it gave me an excuse to watch it again to prepare for the review... which was fine by me.

While this movie is not a straight horror movie or sci-fi movie... it does fall into the thriller category. With that being said, it is probably safe to also say that most people have a healthy fear of snakes... or at least they find them creepy in some way. And what can you say about airplanes... 30,000+ feet above the earth in an aluminum tube, flying at speeds in excess of 300 mph, with computers mostly at the control... aside from the 2 pilots who probably knocked back a few at the airport bar before the flight. Throw these snakes into this metal missile in the sky, while you are breathing re-circulated air full of germs, listening to babies cry and other people talking at the top of their lungs to be heard over the jet engines... and that sounds pretty damn horrible to me. Hell... it is pretty horrible without the snakes.

So plot-wise, this movie is about as thin as the hull of the plane that carries it... but with killer animal flicks like this... who needs a plot. I mean come on, a guy witnessing a mob hit and then while on his way to testify... the mob guys try to bring down the plane with poisonous snakes. That is the best that these guys could come up with? At any rate... it gets people on a plane and it gets snakes up there with them... so let the fun begin. In my opinion, this is a fun movie. They give you a little bit of everything to enjoy. Some nice frontal nudity from a girl who is trying to join the mile high club with her boyfriend, humorous kills, gruesome kills, nasty snake bite wounds, comic relief, and Sam Jackson killing snakes and going into one of his infamous rants. Snakes On A Plane has a decent cast who do a great job... and it has decent and sometimes realistic looking effects. Again, this is a fun movie and would be a good one to watch with a group of friends. There is bound to be someone in the crowd who shrieks at the mere sight of the snakes... and lots of talk about never wanting to fly again. See this one!

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