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Something Is Out There (1988)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Something Is Out There (1988) Jack Breslin (Joe Cortese) is a cop on undercover assignment to stop muggers. A jogger is killed nearby and there's no clue as to who did it. She's missing all of her internal organs as well. Jack is dating the daughter of the Commissioner (Kim Delaney), though he's somewhat ambivalent about it. She's nice looking but controlling.

Then, three construction workers are killed by something that burrows under the ground. At the crime scene Jack sees a blonde woman with a big gun and goes after her, only to lose her when they are running across the tops of buildings. He finally catches her when he finds her in his apartment. Her name is Ta'ra (Maryam D'abo). He's going to take her to the police station but she tells him she knows who is killing all those people. He's convinced she's an alien after she shows him her space shuttle parked out in the desert.

Ta'ra works on a prison spaceship. The majority of the convicts are human but the worst one is a shape-changer, the one who escapes. She calls it a Xenomorph. It takes control of her boyfriend's mind and he starts releasing prisoners, who all to to the door where the alien prisoner is kept. Everyone on the spaceship is killed except for her--and she escapes to Earth in hopes of somehow destroying the creature. But she's a scientist, not a hunter. This is why she needs Jack's help. He brings her back to his apartment, where she proceeds to get intoxicated on caffeine. His girlfriend comes over around then, very bad timing, and Jack quickly comes up with the story that Ta'ra is his cousin from out of State. He gets a call from his partner that the suspect was seen going into an old theater--and once they get there they find out it has gone underground, into the sewers. It almost gets Ta'ra but Jack fires on it with the big laser gun.

The alien takes over the body of the Commissioner and reveals itself to Jack while he's in a car, driving. They get in a crash and it looks like the Comish is killed, which is going to really put a damper on Jack's relationship with his daughter. Jack flees, which makes himself look guilty. Ta'ra then tells him that the Xenomorph has gone back up to the spaceship, which is still in orbit around the Earth. They have to go up there and kill it before it can reproduce and take over the planet. It is able to use the corpses of the dead prisoners and crew members like puppets, so they have their work cut out for them. After a lot of running around, they decide to crash the ship into the ocean and manage to swim ashore, though they aren't certain if they killed the creature or not.

SOMETHING IS OUT THERE is a fairly entertaining 80's Sci-Fi made-for-television movie. The Xenomorph, created by Rick Baker, is pretty cool looking, sort of like a big insect, and is worth checking out for that alone.

This movie spawned one of the worst short-lived series of all time....

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