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Spine (1986)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Spine (1986) Contrary to all of the negative remarks about this film, I actually enjoyed this extremely obscure, shot-on-video 80s slasher. Yeah, the gore is cheap, the plot is nothing new and I expected nothing less, but it's still a highly watchable flick.

There is a serial killer prowling around L.A., knifing up young nurses and covering his tracks extraordinarily well - leaving the white trash-looking police baffled. Apparently, this murderer is hog-tying, strangling and stabbing these women to death and cutting them apart to where their spines are exposed (though due to the incredibly amateur effects, no spines are shown - just corn syrup poured on nude "pseudo"-actresses). As it turns out, the elusive madman is delusional and thinks of every nurse as "Linda", the nurse who killed his mother years ago and took his eye out with a pair of scissors. At least, I assume that's what his motive was, since his rambling explanations never seemed to stop and got very jumbled toward a certain point where I stopped caring...

The acting is passable and there are a few decent camera angles and shrouded viciousness from the completely unhinged killer. The "actor" is actually pretty good; relentlessly taunting the two captive women at the end, raping the one Joyce Dewitt look-alike and presenting an enjoyable spectacle of insanity that caught me fairly off guard after watching the flat performances from the rest of the cast leading up. If you can track "Spine" down - and are tolerant of SOV slashers - I don't see why you couldn't enjoy this...

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