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Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
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Spliced (2003)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Spliced (2003) This movie is far better than the box art would lead you to believe it to be. An 18 year-old girl is having nightmares and is sleepwalking. Soon after she wakes up she finds herself standing outside her house, near the street. This upsets both her mother and father.She absolutely loves horror movies. One day, after she falls asleep in class and wakes up screaming, she's sent to the school's counselor. She explains to him that she likes being scared by horror movies because it makes her feel alive, that it gives her a thrill she can't get in real life.Then, she and two of her girlfriends decide to see a new movie called THE WISHER, which is about this tree demon that grants wishes in a backwards sort of way. During the first ten minutes she becomes violently ill, starts throwing up and leaves the theatre. She later finds out that the movie has subliminal images spliced into it, images that are strange symbols like a scythe and a pentagram.The same night she went to see this movie is the same night that she wished her father to disappear-and he's killed in a fiery car crash. She feels as if it's her fault, as though her wishing for it made it happen. Months later this happens again, when she wishes one of her friends to stop talking. Soon after, her friend is attacked and her tongue cut out of her mouth. A few more horrible accidents-and deaths happen, all seemingly because of her wishing for it.Did her seeing the movie cause this to happen? Or is someone she knows mimicking the WISHER creature from the movie, a creature that has a white face, cloak and these pointed claws? In the end she has to find this out for herself.Sure, this movie is heavily influenced by both the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and WISHMASTER movies, yet is still very entertaining. There are far worse movies out there.
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