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Squeal (2008)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Squeal (2008) While "Squeal" wasn't the worst thing I've seen in the psycho-redneck-torture 'genre', I still saw it as just something I have seen WAY too much of. If I had to re-title this, I think "Dr. Moreau's Texas Chainsaw Hostel" would suffice. We have pig-men experiments acting as backwoods cannibal butchers. People are in cages, strung up on meat hooks, gutted, chased, and damn near sodomized by pig-men (where's Kramer?)...

A van full of young musicians (who can't seem to stop arguing, insulting gas station attendants and smoking pot, of course) almost hit a pig-man in the road. Apparently, this caused engine trouble and they separate to find help. In time, they all fall prisoner to an insane family of pig-human hybrids who put them through merciless beatings, guitar string torture, and various sorts of bodily dismemberments.

I took "Squeal" in total B-movie stride and managed to enjoy the harsh violence and shitty make-up effects for the whole 82 minute run-time. Honestly, if it had been any longer, I would've been far more negative in my overall opinion here, but "Squeal" happens... then it ends and it's fully efficient in it's fast-paced trashiness. Hell, the little midget pig-man in the clown make-up was hilarious! The big pig-man bad-ass and his crazy grunting was pretty neat and there's even a seldom seen hot chick pig (known a few of them in my day, if you know what I mean) who is seen getting fucked from behind. The effects are beyond terrible. Rubber pig masks with visible seams is what ya get. I can't recommend seeking this out particularly, but if you come across it for cheap you may as well check it out...

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