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Star Trek: Enterprise Season Three (2003)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Star Trek: Enterprise Season Three (2003) The entire season is a quest that takes place within a weird, dangerous area of space called The Delphic Expanse. The crew of the Enterprise needs to find an alien race called the Xindi, who had sent a probe that killed millions of people on Earth. They have information that within a year they'll send a much larger probe, which will exterminate humanity altogether. They find out, though, that the Xindi are many different sentient species that evolved on the same planet. There are humanoid Xindi, arboreal Xindi, Reptilian Xindi, Insect Xindi and marine Xindi, all working on a different part of this deadly probe.

In the episode IMPULSE they find a Vulcan exploration ship that had been lost the previous years--and all the surviving Vulcans are zombielike and insane. This is because they are brain damaged from a metal called Trillium, which they used to protect their ship from these destructive spacial anomalies. These anomalies are created by these huge metal spheres which dot the expanse. They don't find out what their origin is until the last few episodes--and it ties in with why the Xindi are so hell bent on killing off the humans.

EXILE focuses on linguist Hoshi Sato, who I always thought was an underused character on the series. A telepathic exile wants her company--and he'll only give Archer the information he needs to find the Xindi if she agrees to live with him and keep him company. But the most interesting development is the relationship between the Vulcan T'Pol and the Engineer Trip Tucker, which is probably the first Vulcan/Human coupling.

There's also several time-travel episodes, such as TWILIGHT, in which Archer finds himself twelve years in a future where the Xindi won. In CARPENTER STREET Archer and Commander T'Pol go back in time 150 years to Detroit to stop a different weapon from being created. They also encounter another starship Enterprise which contain their descendants and the captain of this ship is the son of T'Pol and Commander Tucker.

And, of course, while the main storyline is resolved by the end of the season it ends with a time-travel cliffhanger, in which Archer is trapped back on Earth during World War II--and there are sinister looking aliens dressed as Nazis!

This third season is my least-favorite season of the series' four year run, primarily because it seems like too much of a reaction on the part of the producers about 9/11. People are killed in a devastating sneak attack and now the Enterprise has to go out and make this preemptive strike against this potential threat. Most of these episodes are just not any fun. However, the Fourth Season more than makes up for this.

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