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Stay Awake, The (1987)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Stay Awake, The (1987) The angel of darkness is out and about stalking a group of young women at a European boarding school during their 'stay awake' to raise money for the school. Our demon friend had previously taken residence inside the body of one skinny excuse for a redneck looking serial killer. He'd killed 11 girls (we see their bodies during that long walk to the gas chamber flashback) before being put to death. I guess ya can't keep a good demon down though. This movie is fairly slow paced even though it had great potential for some real fun. I think it took 25 minutes for someone to finally get mutilated in the films best death scene. After that, there wasn't much more in the gore department, but the girls were all hot looking. The nudity potential her was great, but I am sorry to say it just didn't happen. What could have been better than naked English accented schoolgirls? Who well, at least we get a lot of point of view camera work and nasty sound FX as the demon wanders around looking for victims before finally taking form. The wonder twins he ain't as we get form of... a big goofy looking rat creature type of thing with huge red eyes. He some times assumes redneck form to, also with glowing red eyes. The angel of darkness wasn't the scariest looking rubber suited monster I've seen, but he did have a very long whip-like tongue and luckily for the ladies he knows how to use it, hehehehe! Stay Awake did keep me awake due mostly to the fact that I wanted to see where this mess was going. The body count was kinda low, none of the girls die, instead the angel keeps them under his spell to use later for ravishing purposes. Finally, we get a smart demon, why kill the ladies when you can have the limitless sex? Nope, in this movie the guys are killed off, but not very many. My opinion is this, we have here a decent movie that had the potential to be so much better. It's worth seeing, but just doesn't have the right elements to make it very memorable except for weirdos like me.
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