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Sting of Death (1966)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Sting of Death (1966) I thought I'd seen just about every man in a rubber monster suit movie ever made, then Sting of Death floated up from the depths to burn it's images into my memory forever. I can't say if that's good or bad, but it's happened. Sting kinda worked on me the way Blood Freak did months earlier, both so strange and awful in a good way that they endeared themselves instantly, though Blood Freak I like better. Still, Sting of Death has that element of death from the water that I always enjoy. The horrid creature this time is a man-jellyfish monster that's killing off co-eds and fishermen on a small island off Florida's gulf coast. It's unique looking to say the least. Imagine a man in a wetsuit with a hint of green paint, some flippers, dangly moss, some strings of beads for tentacles, and a bag filled with air over the head to make the jellyfish head. It looks even worse than my description I'm sure. Basically, it's a love story really as the ugly-ass research assistant who's face looks like he washes it daily with 40 grit has a big ole' crush on the head scientist's daughter. His appearance frightens most and he constantly gets harassed. Poor Egon can't seem to catch a break, even getting teased and run off by a bunch of goofy college kids. Meanwhile the attacks increase, several of the students fall victim due the creature's deadly sting. It's not hard to guess who the monster really is as he's the only person not around each time an attack occurs. I have to say that the extended party/dance sequence really pissed me off and I felt nothing but hatred for these dumbasses and was glald when they were attacked. Hell, the jellyfish monster even rigs their boat to sink so his altered jellyfish friends (which everyone incorrectly calls Portuguese Man-o-wars) can have dinner. They deserved it after doing that stupid jellyfish dance. Soon though, the creature's secrets out as Egon kidnaps his dream girl, but is soon tracked to his hidden lab. He seems to have lost his sting by film's end though and is defeated easily by his rival scientist/boss with the old flare in the fish tank trick. Don't ask, just watch, you'll understand it all afterwards. You won't be overwhelmed by brilliance, but you will laugh your ass off at that monster and those crazy 60's clothes and lingo.
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