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Strange New World (1975)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Strange New World (1975) Aboard the space station PAX, three scientists are conducting experiments in suspended animation. They are Captain Anthony Vico (John Saxon), Dr. Allison CRowley, and Dr. William Scott (Keene Curtis). When the people down on earth find out that a storm of asteroids are going to bombard the earth they extend the suspended animation to 180 years and send the station orbiting the sun. When they wake up they get their instructions, which is to find the PAX facility on earth, where their loved ones and other scientists are also in a deep sleep. They are supposed to wake them when they find them.

They land and travel in a land rover that sort of looks like the vehicle from ARK II or DAMNATION ALLEY. They seem to be getting a signal from Pax but are knocked out. When they awaken they find themselves in the city of Eterna. It turns out that the leader has been waiting for one of the scientists and explains that they've managed to survive by cloning themselves, though he himself is the original--and is losing his mind to senility. The leader wants the one scientist to take over--but when he wants to drain the blood out of the other two, in hopes of building the failed immunity of the clones, they manage to escape with the help of one of them, Tana (Martine Beswicke). However, the city's biological defenses are compromised and everyone dies from the disease contaminated air.

Then, the story goes to ten months later and they are driving across a barren desert. They are almost out of water so it's fortunate they find a jungle covered valley. This used to be the site of an old zoo and the descendants of the park keepers live in harmony with the animals, like the lions and tigers. However, there is a tribe that lives on the outskirts of the jungle and they are at war with these people, who won't let them have water. Allison is captured by the forest tribe after she sets a trapped antelope free from the poacher's trap. They think it was here trap and are going to brand her as a poacher. Meanwhile, Vico and Scott come across the poacher tribe and get them to help them track the girl. Vico has to promise the leader, Badger, that he'll give him his flare gun after they find her. They finally do find her but by then Badger has stolen the flare gun and attacks the forest people. So it's up to Vico to try and avert a war.

This was the third pilot made from Gene Roddenberry's initial idea, the first being GENESIS II (1973) and then PLANET EARTH (1974), though Roddenberry wasn't involved with this movie. However, it's still a good flick and holds up well over time. It's definitely like an adult version of ARK II.

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